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Light Bulb Changer

Purchase the Chandelier Swan on Amazon Now!

Light Bulb Changer

Purchase the Chandelier Swan on Amazon Now!

Specialized Functionality

Fits inside small shades

The Chandelier Swan's small profile allows it to easily reach into tight shades.

Works with:

Candelabra Light Bulbs Sizes C11, CA10, CA11, B10, and B11.

Remove upward-facing lights

With its ultra-flexible rotating shaft, the Chandelier Swan can be used to reach up and over upward-facing candelabra bulbs for removal. No need to break out the stepladder!

Gentle grips for clean removal

The gripped fingers of the Chandelier Swan allow for worry-free removal of fragile candelabra light bulbs. No breaking, no dropping, complete control.

How to use the Chandelier Swan

Step 1

Select a location on the landing or stairwell that is closest to the bulb(s) needing to be changed.

Step 2

Select the ‘tabs’ as needed for removing/replacing the bulb(s). ‘White’ tabs are longer and for larger LED candelabra bulbs. Smaller ‘black’ tabs are for standard ‘non’ LED bulbs.

Step 3

When placing tabs into the ‘gripper’ end of the Chandelier Swan remember the ‘tabs’ face outward for removing and replacing and the ‘tabs’ face inward while in the top storage area.

Step 4

Thread the chandelier swan onto the 3/4’ threaded telescoping pole and secure it with the ‘thumb screw’.

Step 5

Extend the pole to the desired length for removal and if pole has extensions ensure they are locked in place (otherwise the Chandelier Swan will not turn) replacing bulbs (do not lean over railing to get closer).

Step 6

Turn off the power.

Step 7

Hold the extension pole with one hand forward loosely holding the pole and one hand at the base of the pole. Slowly lower the Chandelier Swan over the burnt out bulb and lower the tabs over the entire bulb. Quickly turn the pole counter clockwise for removal. If chandelier starts to move / float hold the pole in place until movement stops. When placing a new bulb rotate the extension pole clockwise.

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