chandelier swan - candelabra light bulb changer
Chandelier Swan

Chandelier Light Blub Changer

  • One version for Candelabra Style Light Bulbs
  • Remove Upward-facing lights
  • One Version for Round Light Bulbs
  • Gentle Grips for Clean Removal


Upward Facing Candelabra Blubs

Change The Way You Change

New invention to change upward facing candelabra light bulbs without a ladder. Works best from a second-floor landing.

Chandelier Light Bulb Changer!

Chandelier Light Bulb Changer
What they say about us

Best Inventions of 2023

TIME selected Chandelier Swan as one of the best inventions of 2023 for its specialized poll and gripper, helping unscrew and replace high candelabra-style light bulbs.

TIME best inventions of 2023 - Chandelier Swan
candelabra bulb changer - chandelier swan
Specialized Functionality

High Chandelier Candelabra Blub Changer

Fits inside small shades

The Chandelier Swan’s small profile allows it to easily reach into tight shades.

Works with:

Chandelier Light Bulb Changer.
One version for Candelabra Style Light Bulbs.
One version for Round Light Bulbs.

Remove upward-facing lights

With its ultra-flexible rotating shaft, the Chandelier Swan can be used to reach up and over upward-facing candelabra bulbs for removal. No need to break out the stepladder!

Gentle grips for clean removal

The gripped fingers of the Chandelier Swan allow for worry-free removal of fragile candelabra light bulbs. No breaking, no dropping, complete control.

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Flat Rate Shipping


30 Day Return Policy


30 Day return policy.

Assembled and Packaged in the United States

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Assembled and packaged in the United States.